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Doors and windows

If you’re planning to add a solarium to your property, it could be a good time to replace some of your doors and windows. Over time, these elements slowly lose their energy efficiency and often need to be replaced.

To ensure optimal energy savings, we offer doors and windows that guarantee ultimate insulation according to the climate zone in which your home is located. During installation, our teams respect all the new energy efficiency standards and professed environmentally responsible renovation practices. Find out about the government credit and subsidy programs available. The consultants at Solatech can help you.

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Building an extension

You want to add a new room requiring a new structural composition? This is called an extension. As is the case with our solarium products, we can take charge of your entire project.

Solatech offers you peace of mind with a turnkey project. We ensure the production of your plans, as well as the services of a technologist to make sure your extension is built in compliance with current standards, and to guarantee the quality and durability of this important addition to your property. Whether this extension is on the second floor or at the back of your house, no project is too big for us not to be able to help you realize it. You will appreciate this new, warm environment that responds, in every way, to all your needs.

General Contractor

Building and installing a solarium requires excellent woodworking and carpentry skills. Over time, Solatech has never stopped perfecting its expertise and expanding its field of competence in that domain. It just seems natural, today, for the Solatech Group to offer its customers general contracting services.

Make your life easier! Simply entrust us with your entire solarium project; we will handle it from beginning to end. Contact our consultants for additional information.